Where will you have your baby

Hospital or home ?

Pregnacy is a time of choices and decisions. Sometimes it may not feel as if you have a choice.
People tend to assume you will have your baby in hospital, especially if it´s your first.
But even if you are first-time mother you can choose to give birth at home. It´s up to you.

Your choice
Choosing where to give birth is important.
When you make your choice remember:

* You´re not choosing the place of birth. Often you´re also choosing who will be with you and the type of care you and your baby will get.

* Really you should give birth somewhere where you feel safe, comfortable and relaxed.

Home birth

You feel more relaxed and in control when you´re in your own home,you have more privacy and you can wander around freely.
You can have waterbirth.


You can choose any of pain relief including an epidural.
Everything is to hand if there are problems you won´t have to move.
Women who have had a home birth and a hospital birth, say they much prefer a home birth.

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